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Kraken Stealth 212 Snow



The Stealth 212 snow. Similar to the 212 wake machine, but standard with the a smaller gear ratio for higher pull speeds and the hand brake option.  This top speed increase does reduce the pull force slightly.  Ideal for pulling skis and snowboards and firm or packed down run ins.  Need more pull power? Opt for the 212 wake and just add the hand brake option.

Engine Size
Rope Length
Gear Ratio
Optional T Handle for Transport and Extra Tie Down
Optional Hand Brake
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The Kraken Stealth 212 snow comes with a stainless steel spool on a 1 inch steel driveshaft. Equipped with 600 ft of 12 strand Spectra™ fiber line, the rope can handle around 1600lbs of tension. The pull is provided by an 6.5HP 212cc engine, coupled to a CVT transmission, making getting up to speed smooth. The whole machine fits on a 2" trailer hitch for easy transport, but is small enough to fit in a hatchback should you not have a truck. All the Kraken Stealth winches are designed by engineers/riders, and handmade in our machine shop in Pennsylvania.

Kraken Stealth snow comes with 10:34 gear ratio, and a hand brake.

The 10:34 gearing makes this machine faster than the 212 wake for top speed, it does reduce the pull power.  Its ideal for packed down run ins on snow.

22 mph top speed on packed down snow run ins

Need to get up to speed faster? Swap out to the 10:40 gears and chain.

Also free shipping to the continental USA

Stats for Nerds:

Engine Options:
212cc 6 HP

Line Options:
Spectra™ Line - 600' - 1200'

Other Info:
2" Trailer Hitch Mountable
120lbs Weight

Options explained:

T-handle for transport: Goes in the rear of the machine, adds a removable pull point to move the machine around and extra tie down points

Hand Brake: Allows the operator to stop the spool quickly, without the hand brake, the machine will slow down on its own when the throttle is closed, just less rapidly

Stainless steel fairlead: Mainly meant for sandy environments/beach use. The stainless is tougher than the standard fairlead to better withstand the sand

Please Note:
The Kraken Stealth ships freight on a pallet
We do ship to Canada and elsewhere out of the USA, please contact us at for pricing.

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